My 2014 Publishing Schedule

IT’S OFFICIAL. My plans to publish 3 novels in the 50,000 word range and a novella in the 20,000 word rage are set for 2014. After somewhat sequestering myself from social media recently to work on several projects, I’ve narrowed the list to the ones listed here. I’ve published one book a year for the past 5 years and it’s time to get serious about this publishing thing and make it happen. Here are the titles and a short description of what you’ll see from me in the coming months.

1.) WELCOME TO UTICA is a novel set in a fictional city in northeastern Oklahoma, which is much like Tulsa. The plot is built around genetic research and also involves angels, demons and a form of vampire that even scares me.

2.) THE MILE OF CARS MURDERS is a historical fiction novel set in central Oklahoma and is a follow up to Payne County Weekly, which I released last year. It’s an investigative reporting story following a serial killer and begins in 1995, shortly before the Murrah Building bombing and ends during the May 3, 1999 tornado outbreak. One of the characters is a storm chaser and a well know Oklahoma meteorologist has agreed to be a technical adviser on that part of the story.

3.) NUT CHECK is a novel about abuses of the state and federal health care system. I’ve chosen Guthrie, OK as the setting and have several inside contributors. Although the story is fictional, it is based on real events, because in this case the truth is much stranger than fiction.

4.) WOLF MOUNTAIN WEEKEND 1976 is a project I worked on in 2011 with my long time friend, the late Diamond Don Barnes. We published an overview of the event with the ultimate goal of making a movie. I’m writing a novella first to expand the story and tell it from a unique perspective. I’ve been doing research into events happening in the USA and the Poteau area during the bicentennial and really appreciate the feedback from people in Leflore county.

Please let me know if you’d like to sign up to be a beta reader/proof reader for any of these projects. I appreciate all the help and support from other writers and avid readers.Image


About joeharwell

I'm a Tulsa, OK based author and true self publisher of mostly historical fiction with a futuristic thriller and a memoir or two tossed in just for fun. By participating in several local writers groups I strive to improve my craft while sharing the knowledge I've gained with others.
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