An Easter Memory

A couple of days ago I ran across this ring that belonged to my dad among some things we haven’t looked at in a long time. I barely remember it and don’t even remember the last time I saw it. I slipped it on my ring finger and it fit, so I’ve been wearing it. Wearing the ring got me thinking about dad and an event on Easter morning 1967 came rushing back to me. We moved into what we called the ‘red and white’ house at Fairview Crossroads off the old Cameron highway a couple of miles east of Poteau in 1966. Dad owned a lumber yard and built houses with some carpenter partners and by then I was old enough to hang out with him. Plastic plumbing pipe (PVC) was kind of a new thing back then and to save some money building the house, dad decided to do the plumbing and I helped. We’d go out to the house after the lumber yard closed and on the weekend and he and I installed all the plumbing. On Easter morning 1967, we were up early getting ready for church when we heard a loud pop somewhere in the house and quickly discovered the connection between the plastic and copper water line leading from the hot water tank was broken. Dad shut off the water to the house and in short order was able to temporarily bypass the hot water tank to get the water turned back on. The problem was, we had no hot water for showers that morning and being a typical spring day, the temperature wasn’t cold, but taking a shower with no hot water was a real thrill. We made it to church looking good in our Easter best without anyone knowing we’d taken cold showers. After church, we ate lunch and dad and I went to the lumber yard and retrieved the necessary items to fix the plumbing and all was well. I haven’t thought of this particular Easter in years. Funny how things fade from memory and can be brought back by the simplest things. Happy Easter everyone and may you have plenty of hot water for your Sunday morning shower.ring 1

ring 2


About joeharwell

I'm a Tulsa, OK based author and true self publisher of mostly historical fiction with a futuristic thriller and a memoir or two tossed in just for fun. By participating in several local writers groups I strive to improve my craft while sharing the knowledge I've gained with others.
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3 Responses to An Easter Memory

  1. Hi Joe, I loved your post about your dad’s ring and the Easter memory. It’s a treasured keepsake now with lots of history and memories associated with it. I’m the keepsake lady (Amber Lanier Nagle), and I have a book titled, Project Keepsake. I just wanted to pop in and say, “Thanks for sharing your story with the world.” Do you mind if I share your story on my blog? Let me know. You can contact me via my contact page, Have a great day! —Amber

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