Personal stuff – Like most writers I have a variety of life and work experiences.  I was born in Arkansas and lived in dads hometown of Huntington until my folks bought a lumber yard just acoss the border in Poteau. OK.  I started with weighing nails at the lumber yard when I was barely tall enough to reach the bins. By age twelve I was stacking boards in the summer at my grandfather’s saw mill (moms side of the family) in Mansfield, AR.

Dad sold the lumber yard when I was twelve and at sixteen I started cooking burgers and making shakes at the Mr. Swiss in Poteau.  It was the coolest job at Poteau’s most popular hang out at the time and I worked with some beautiful teenage girls there too.

My next high school job was at the Wally World shoe department.  After graduating from Poteau High School in 1972 I spent a couple of years at Southeastern State in Durant, OK majoring in political science, which really got in the way my real major of drinking and going to parties.  After finishing three semesters with a nonexistent GPA, I left college and married my high school sweetie Becky, which truly saved my life.  I went work at Wally World for what seemed like a 100 years, although I learned a lot from the experience.  I’ve also worked in coal mining, telecom, TV, newspaper, debt collection, recycling and auto parts.  Yes, I have a hard time deciding what to do with myself.

Early in our relationship Becky told me she wanted to be a stay at home mom with two sons and two daughters. She must have been psychic, and I’m sure she was, because that’s exactly how things worked out. Our family was active in church, car clubs and civic groups, but not as much after our children left home. We moved around with my jobs to Tulsa, Ft. Smith, Dallas, and Phoenix, although most of our time has been spent in the Tulsa metro area where I live today.

Sometimes live brings changes you don’t expect or want.  Becky died from complications of diabetes in November, 2008.  She was the best girlfriend, wife, mother and grandmother ever during our more than 36 years together.  With no job and overwhelmed by grief I did the only thing I could do in January, 2009.  I started writing The Indian Rock Vampire story I’d been carrying around in my head since the fall of 2005.  One thing led to another and here we are.

I have a great life, wonderful children and grandchildren, supportive friends and fellow authors who encourage and assist me every day.  Visit my FaceBook page to see slices of my daily life.

Writer stuff – If you’re interested in writing or self publishing I will gladly share the ups and downs of my journey. You can learn from my mistakes for less than the price of lunch at Brewburger Tulsa.  Seriously, I believe in sharing with other authors and always gain more than I receive from the experience.  I’ve learned so much and gained great friends and mentors through participation in local writers groups.  Call on me any time.

Contact me via Email at joeharwell54@gmail.com or via USPS at P.O. 54213, Tulsa, OK 74155-0213.


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  1. emily wood says:

    I can’t wait for your wise words on Friday- Emily wood

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